Dealing with Redundancy


Dealing with Redundancy

Seeking employment can be an intimidating task at any time, particularly after redundancy. Finding the right job can improve self-esteem and boost confidence, getting you well on the way to employment. That may be easily said, but the task of searching and applying for jobs can be daunting and it is important to stay focused and positive.

Take advantage of the available support One Resource offer. We specialise in seeking compatibility and uniting like-minded individuals. For us, it's not about bums on seats, or a quick fix. We work hard to learn and understand what you want, to be able to promote your CV to employers.

We understand that trying to find a job can be intimidating, frustrating and, at times, disheartening - but we are here to change that! Whilst job hunting it is important to stay healthy, motivated and to look after yourself, while at the same time keeping on top of the job hunt. We can support you to achieve your goals! Here are some handy tips for staying focused and ahead of the curve after redundancy:


Networking - Sign up for networking events with the opportunity to meet a range of employers. Discussing your job seeking will help you to refocus on your skills and how they can benefit your future employer. It can also help others to keep you in mind if they hear of any upcoming vacancies – never underestimate the power of who you know!

Proactive job hunting - Be proactive, send us your updated CV and we will keep you in the loop on available jobs, whilst actively promoting you to employers. Keep a ‘to do’ list of roles and deadlines; each task is an achievement and should be celebrated. Prioritise those with the earliest end date but, most importantly, those that excite you. Remember that you can only achieve so much within a day! If you need a break from searching or applying for jobs, take five, refresh and get back on it!

Take stock – Here at One Resource we can help you to recognise your skills and actively promote them to employers. Think about your strengths and how you fit the roles that you are applying for. Revisit your skills before an interview to remind you of how great you are! Consider any gaps within you CV and how you can explain them. What skills has the break enabled you to develop? In getting to the interview, you are demonstrating the ability to bounce back! Try to keep perspective and manage your expectations. In applying for any role you will never know how many other applicants there are, their skills or exactly what the employer has in mind.

Learning – Take advantage of the courses and voluntary opportunities that you are offered. As well as boosting or refreshing your skills, they can provide an opportunity to meet new people and to get your name out there. We can continue your job hunt whilst you are keeping up to date with your training and the latest developments within your sector.


You are an expert in you and you should have more have confidence in this. Throughout the process, keep in mind your list of skills and strengths. Don’t lose sight of the right employer out there waiting for you!