The Impossible Job Description


The Impossible Job Description

We’ve all seen it – the Impossible Job Description. It puts fear into the hearts of candidates and recruiters alike. For clients, it may feel like you are asking for a candidate who doesn’t exist! A long list of requirements for skills covering everything-but-the-kitchen-sink can be both intimidating and fail to give a feeling for the role and what it involves. This can put candidates off from even applying for your role, even if they have the right skills to be the perfect match!

At One Resource we are here to help you to secure the best candidate for your role. Writing a realistic description of skills and experience for a job, which may vary from day to day, is no easy task. However, it is worth investing the time to get it right. The job description represents your company and will be used throughout the recruitment process. We are here to support you and if you have any questions, or would like a job description looking over, then please do contact us. We have helped clients with their job descriptions for years and we are confident that we will be able to understand your needs and your business.

From the beginning of the process it is important that we fully understand your business and your needs, so that we can make the best match. A job description is a representation of you and your brand, which you want potential candidates to buy into. At One Resource, we understand that if you are recruiting you are likely to be particularly busy and pushed for time. Enabling us to understand your brand and the aims of the business can help us to efficiently find the right long-term match for you. We offer initial meetings so that we can confidently represent exactly what you are looking for and we would encourage you to take advantage of this.

The job description is a balance between gaining all of the right skills and values that you think will fit with your team and also providing a realistic expectation of the role on a day to day basis. It needs to be accurate to appeal to the right candidate and to keep them engaged once they are employed. Certainly, there is a lot to be said for providing a truthful picture of the role and then considering which skills are necessary for the candidate to achieve success. Also, keep in mind that many candidates will be looking for opportunities to develop themselves. A motivated employee, who is driven to keep achieving, is in many ways the ideal candidate. Consider how the job description can show that there is room for growth. Alongside the skills which you deem necessary for success, what else can be developed?

We will use the job description to advertise and match candidates to the role. We offer a personalised service, and our understanding of your business needs and brand will enable us to ensure that we are using relevant advertising avenues. We will then interview potential candidates on your behalf. We focus on sourcing candidates who don’t just fit the job description but are also a great fit with your team.

Depending on your preference, we will then liaise with the successful candidates to arrange further interviews with yourself, or a start date if you prefer. We appreciate that no individual business has the same needs, therefore we are led by you; creating a personalised recruitment plan to suit your requirements. Establishing an understanding of your business in the first instance can enable us to provide a fitting recruitment process that will work in the long term and effectively make your life easier!